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LeadBait | Get Found On Google, Get More Leads!

Need More Leads?

Need More Income?

Then You Need !

 Is Right For You If…

You want to get found online… but you don’t want to keep paying for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords forever.

You want to connect with possible clients and customers all around the world but you don’t want to hustle for 6-8 hours per day on social media.

You want to build a relationship with your followers but you don’t want to create countless pieces of free content that will never be seen.

Then, you need !

What Exactly Is ?

LeadBait is a perfectly coded SEO landing page that drives ideal client/customer traffic to your existing website, online shop, or sales funnel.

LeadBait is like a Google Ad or Facebook Ad that you only have to pay for ONCE and continues to bring traffic to your website.

LeadBait is like a viral piece of content on steroids.

LeadBait is the “a la carte” version of our Googlebait Perfect SEO Program – for those who keep telling us “I just want a few pages to start and then I’ll invest in all backend stuff” once my LeadBait leads are coming in.

LeadBait is your secret weapon in getting found online by ideal clients and customers and that are looking for a solution to their problem that YOU solve and who are ready to BUY!


What Types Of Companies Get Leads From ?

Anyone who wants to get found online by their ideal client/customer… but let’s niche it down a bit, shall we?

 Is Right For…

Coaches, Experts, Speakers, Authors
Wedding & Event Planners, Professional Organizers, Interior Designers
Multi-Level, Network Marketing Representatives
Affiliate Marketers
Online Course/Program/Passive Income Creators
Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Chiropractors, Orthodontists
Real Estate Agents
Tradesmen – Plumbers, Contractors, Masonry, Landscaping, Architects, Electricians, Etc.
Local Businesses – Restaurants and Retail Shops

What Happens After I Sign Up For LeadBait?


You Fill Out A Very Short Welcome Form

We Build Your Googlebait Perfect SEO Page Template

You Get Access To Our Top Secret Googlebait SEO Perfect Page Creator

You Write The Copy For Your Googlebait Perfect SEO Page

We Create Magic Links On To Your Perfect SEO Pages To Increase Your Page Rank On Google

You Get Found On Google, Get Leads, and Make More Money!

What Is It Going To Take To Finally Make Your Business Profitable?

You’ve spent a lot of time money building your website – yet no one is magically “finding” you online.

You’ve spent far too long trying to figure out SEO and technology piece of your business – perhaps even paying for SEO work that never was completed.

You’re tired of feeling like a stalker in Facebook groups.

You are so burnt out on creating massive amounts of free content with no sales.  You like creating content… but get discouraged when there are no sales for your efforts.

You wish that people that needed your help would just FIND YOUNo hustle required!

How Are Things Going To Get Better?

How Many Clients Do You Need From LeadBait To Cover The Small Investment?

After That Every Other Sale You Make Is PURE PROFIT!

Get Started With  Today!

**We are currently “Wait Listing” new LeadBait clients. 

Email if your are interesting in enrolling in LeadBait.

Thank you.



*Note:  If you join the membership program you have the ability to create UNLIMITED LeadBait Pages but if you leave the membership your pages will hibernate until you rejoin.  Just like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords – they shop selling for you when you stop paying for them.  Should you rejoin, your pages will be waiting for you and be published again.